Cassette Fine Dust Compact GV8

Compact Fine dust Filter Type GV8 Full Plastic (F6 – F9)

The GV8 Full Plastic compact prefilter is designed for highest necessities in Gas Turbine applications. Each GV8 Full Plastic filter contains eight (8) “Minipleats-Media Packs” cast in V-shape technology to achieve lowest pressure drop results, highest dust holding capacity and maximum burst pressures.


The side covers of the filter are made from rigid plastic with integrated water outlet slopes on both the up and down stream sides. Connection slots for the insertion of the pre-filter frame HFA-# are also included. These features, in combination with the reinforced profiles, provide maximum space for the filter media pack and obtain a high mechanical strength. The fiberglass media pleated in “mini-pleat shape” can be reinforced with an additional plastic rib¹ which is cast with polyurethane sealant in V-shape technology directly into the side cover. This design provides a very high burst pressure in correlation with maximum dust holding capacity, low pressure drop and safe removal of condensate water. The filters are supplied with a flat flange and endless gasket¹ creating a secure seal between the filter and each standard pre-filter holding frame.


The filters are tested in accordance with the European standard EN 779 (Particulate air filters for general ventilation). This standard is based on ASHRAE 52.1²
²Gravimetric and Dust-Spot Procedures for Testing Air Cleaning Devices
Used in General Ventilation Removing Particulate Matter 1992.


  • Efficiencies of 60% up to 98% ASHRAE
  • High Quality Micro Fibreglass Media
  • Lowest Initial Pressure Drop
  • High Quality Standards due to Quality Assurance System
  • Highly economical
  • Rigid Frame
  • UL 900 approved version

Applicable Standards:

EN 779
ISO 9001:2000