Cassette Fine Dust Panel GP

Panel Fine Dust/HEPA Filter Type GP

The GP filter is designed and tested to extract the smallest particles out of the air. The GP series contains a fibreglass media pack in four (4) different heights (47mm, 56mm, 70mm, 93mm) and in different kinds of extruded aluminum frames. The filter media is pleated in “Minipleat shape” with a new application technology of “Hot Melt Spacers” to achieve lowest pressure drop results.


The filter frame is made from anodized extruded aluminum profile with two angles in each corner to get a rigid straight filter. Each of the different types of extruded aluminum profiles contains a few sealant anchors to prevent any leakage between frame and media during the filter life. Furthermore, there are features available such as a knife for fluid seal connection or the fluid seal on the filter. All types of GP filters are available with one or two screens and EPDM gaskets. The fibreglass media pleated in “Minipleat shape”, available in four (4) different heights (47, 56, 70 and 93mm) is cast with polyurethane sealant into the frame. This design achieves a highly active filter surface and ensures the minimal pressure drop of the GP model.


  • HEPA efficiencies of 95% up to 99.99995% (@ 0.3m )
  • Finedust efficiencies of 60% up to 98% ASHRAE
  • High quality micro fibreglass paper
  • Lowest initial pressure drop
  • Rigid frames
  • Frame height of 70 mm up to 197 mm
  • High quality standard due to Quality Assurance System
  • HEPA filter tested by laser particle counting system
  • Highly economical although high final pressure drop
  • For use in clean rooms up to class 1
  • Usable in two flow directions

Applicable Standards:

  • EN 1822-5
  • IEST-RP-CC001.3
  • EN 779