Conical Fine Dust Filters GR

GRV Conical Fine Dust FiltersConical_Finedust_Filter_GRV

The GRV conical filter cartridges are designed especially for the high demands in gas turbine air filtration systems. The special filtration media provides maximum protection for the turbine. Through the outstanding durability and the high efficiency of the filter media, the risk of dust entering through media failure or through high penetration values is decreased.


The filter has two zinc coated steel end caps on both sides. The upper one with a glued plastic ring to hold the following filter in position and the lower one with a glued cylindrical gasket for tide connection to housing. The reinforced pleated filter media FA8267 is potted together with the expanded zinc coated steel screens into the caps with polyurethane. The embossed pleating spacers on top of each pleat and the hot melt fixation on the inside ensures the uniform shape of the filter media through the filter lifetime. This construction gives a highly active filter surface with a high dust holding capacity and a low pressure drop.


Each filter is tested on size and also visually tested for tightness and complementation. In our laboratory we check the tensile strength of unpleated and pleated media using the dumb-bell shape of each roll. Furthermore, the design of those cartridges is approved through many kinds of examinations such as the dust holding/pressure drop test and also the rust and extreme condition tests.


  • For use with GRV as filter pair
  • High quality paper made of cellulose & synthetic components
  • Filter is pulse cleanable
  • Long lifetime through media with high tensile strength
  • Lowest initial pressure drop
  • Zinc coated end caps with glued sealing
  • Expanded zinc coated screen with high open surface
  • High quality standard due to Quality Assurance System according to Iso 9001:2000
  • Highly economical through high final pressure drop
  • For use in gas turbine air filtration with back pulse

Applicable Standards:

  • High quality standard due Quality Assurance System
  • ISO 9001:200 IQ-Net


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