Disposable Panels

The G90 series is produced using a special pretested blend of cotton and polyester fires. The G90 media has extra please (more m²) for increased dust holding capacity.

The media is bonded to a special galvanized steel, expanded metal support grid with a 95% open face area. This allows increased utilization of the filter media. The media and metal combination is designed to prevent sagging or collapse and is bonded tightly to the frame, eliminating any possibility of air by bass.

The frame is a special die cut, solid kraft board with extra moisture resistance designed to prevent collapse under extremely humid conditions.

The G90 Series is designed for applications requiring higher efficiency and arrestance and longer lifetime with reduced maintenance costs.

  • Ideal for high air velocity application
  • Extended Surface Area
  • Wire Supported for stability
  • Lowest initial pressure drop
  • High final pressure drop
  • Bi-directional flow
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Ideal for AHU as primary or medium efficiency panel filter
  • G4/F6 Efficiencies available
  • 48, 98 or 147mm depths standard.

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