Synthetic Glass Fibre

Our Medium to High Efficiency extended surface bag filters are manufactured from high lofted micro-fine glass fibre filter media offer excellent filtration performance combined with high dust holding capacity. These filters are an excellent choice for applications where highest degree of air cleanliness is required. This filter is capable of removing contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, fumes, smoke etc from the air stream and it is an ideal bag filter for HBAC systems installed in Hospitals, Laboratories, Food processing and Pharmaceutical units, Computer Rooms, Optical and Electronic Facilities, Airport Terminals, Public Buildings etc.
 High Lofted Micro-Fine Glass Fibre Media
 3 phase media constellation (multi-pocket)
 High dust holding capacity
 Low Resistance to Airflow
 Consistent filtration of sub-micron particles
 Even Dust Loading
 Perfectly balanced pocket design
 Long Service Life
 Low initial pressure drop
 F5 – F9 (45% – 98%) Efficiencies available